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Bonnee D.







Wow just got my order in of Lakeside, Pounding Surf and North Shore Surf �. Just brewed spot of the North Shore Surf . The aroma and flavor is outstanding. Very smooth but robust!


Fantastic coffee

What a great find. Amazing coffee, quick shipping. Will be back!

On LAKESIDE ROAST - Sumatra Organic


From a serious coffee drinker - Jeff



Someone asked for a coffee review. You're getting one. I've eaten the beans straight, I've ground them in my rub and had an awesome steak, now I have French press brewed them.

Taste -
Black Rock - I like my coffee strong, and I enjoy bitter coffee that contorts my wife's face and makes her shutter like she took a shot of liquor. She doesnt understand me, and I like that fact. I brewed this coffee strong, stupid strong. It is not  bitter, in the slightest. It coats the palate, lots of body, but finishes clean. I smell it on the exhale but aftertaste is mellow Very low acidity. Smokey, nutty, caramels and chocolate. Would make an unbelievable mocha.

Bali Blue Moon - Expecting a brighter, sharper coffee with more acidity, but didn't get it. If I had no expectations for this roast, I would be ecstatic. It is delicious, but not the contrasting light blonde roast I was searching for my rub. The error was likely my communication, not the roaster. . A top tier medium roast.

In the end, I have just sampled some of the freshest and finest beans in the world, prepared in small batch by the experienced hand of an artisan roaster, and brewed with the most care possible using great equipment and technique. This coffee isn't better than any coffee I've had by a little, it's better by a lot. It stands out, and stands alone. I'm reminded of sampling coffee directly from the plantations it was grown in the volcanic soil of Maui and Kona. This cup brings me back to the greatest vacation of my life. The only thing I regret is obligating myself to grind every pound of it tomorrow and give it away. So I just bought 6 more pounds for myself. Two Beaches Coffee Company, you are a skilled artisan and I am honored to have the opportunity to feature your bean to this community. 

From Sandy


Don’t know if anyone out there is like me and loves to drink coffee all day long. The caffeine during the day is great but if I keep drinking it I have trouble sleeping so Sherry suggested their water process decaf. So all day I drink Pounding Surf or Blackrock - THEN in the evening I can enjoy Cascadia Blend Decaf and get some sleep! Over the years I have tried many decaf and they are all terrible not like real coffee - but not Two Beaches. I Highly recommend as a compliment to your other Two Beaches favorites.

Thank you Dawn



Coffee tasting going down here at Casa Maggio. All were top quality great coffee. I seemed to like the lighter roasts more than the darker which keeps in line with my propensity to steer clear of spicy rubs, etc. I am learning to discern different flavors in my food and drinks and appreciate the differences between them. I love this group, the feedback and the camaraderie. I brewed all 6 this morning and found the one I love:

#6-Pounding Surf. This tasted like an espresso to me, too heavy for my taste but would be great in my black coffee bbq sauce
#5-North Shore Surf-This was a medium dark roast so I’m starting to see a trend here...
#4-Beachcomber-Medium roast-this was a solidly good coffee but not as special as my top 3
#3-Black Rock-Dark Roast but this one surprised me with its unique flavor so it placed in my top three. Maybe because it was organic or because subliminally I know it’s in that amazing coffee rub...
#2-Lakeside-This is a smooth every day bean, right up my alley, or lakeside, as the name would have it.
#1-Bali Blue Moon-This one is special, like a holiday coffee without the holiday. Stuff it Starbucks, you have nothing that compares to Two Beaches Bali Blue Moon.