We Are Two Beaches...

Two beaches Coffee Company began with two old beachcombers who couldn’t wait for their first cup of coffee in the morning. Followed by the second and always enjoyed best while strolling along a warm Hawaiian beach or enjoying the morning views over Lake Chelan in the Pacific Northwest.  

We are Anne and Sherry and we started roasting coffee beans for fun, in a popcorn popper on the back deck. Soon we realized how wonderful the aroma and taste of truly fresh coffee was. As we began to seriously roast and experiment with different beans, blends and roasting times, Two Beaches Coffee Company was born.  

Two Beaches Coffee purchases green beans from regions all over the world to provide the best flavors and beans for our roasts. Our coffee is shipped direct to you within 2 or 3 days of roasting. This will give you that same fresh roasted, fresh brewed taste and aroma that we fell in love with. Your store-bought coffee will never taste the same again. We invite you to walk on the beach with us or create your own “first cup of coffee journey” with Two Beaches Coffee Company.